Fashions With Flair Millinery, welcome to the Rose Collection

  My hats are made of the best velour felt (VF) and wool (WF) and  are one of a kind. They are hand blocked  and machine blocked as per my orders which makes them unique.


My trims are hand made as are the signature hat pins which are for decorative purposes. I have attempted to describe the colors. However, after photography and transfer to the computer colors can vary.

  This Fallís collection features beautiful pastels, pink, blue, mint green and yellow trimmed with an array of exotic feathers and rhinestones! Anytime you are not sure of  matching a color, remember black or white goes with all colors.

  African American females have always worn what some might call church hats or hats for black women. The styles vary, beginning with small dainty bridal hats, cocktail hats, head bands, first communion veils, large vintage hats, jaunty casual hats, flower and jewel bedecked high fashion hats, which are considered custom millinery and one of a kind designs. Not only in the African American culture, are ladies church hats worn on many occasions. Some of these occasions are The Red Hat Society, Kentucky Derby, Luncheons, High Tea, special religious services and any occasion when a woman just wants to feel special and different. Believe it men do notice women wearing hats! This is called Millinery Flair. Women's hats have personalities of their own. The hat is the last thing you add to your ensemble. Your hat is your crown! Watch this web site for the spring 2007, fall, and winter 2007 hats and accessories!

 My web site is updated weekly to let you know what is available.  All orders are shipped immediately and you will receive an E-mail confirming your order, invoice and shipping information.

Please let me hear from you, questions or comments. Thank You and God Bless!


  My sewing lessons began at the neighborhood community center when I was in the third grade (My dolls were fashionable) and continued throughout high school. Sewing and millinery were my hobbies. I loved fashion and I knew the crowning touch to an outfit was the hat.


   I was especially intrigued with the fashions of the 20's and 30's. As you can see from these pictures I descended from a long line of fashion mavens. I am proud to be the custodian of these historic family photos dating back to the 1890's.


Enter the Millinery Flair Fashions store and browse my fall and winter hat collections!

  Millinery Flair Fashions Fall - Winter Sale 20% off all hats until March 31, 2007. Remember these are one of a kind hats, so don't wait too long to make your selection.

   I took my first millinery course in the early sixties and later took a second course in the seventies. I bought and read many books on millinery and perfected my skills. As a result of my hobbies, I traveled to New York many times for information and supplies. My goal is to offer beautiful designer hats, made of quality materials and at reasonable prices. 


I consider myself a millinery artist. Like an artistís canvass, the hat is a blank canvass. You could take ten milliners, one hat and each one of them would create a different work of art. After retirement, I decided to pursue my hobbies. I thank my girlfriends, my sisters in Christ, who encouraged and supported me. I dedicate this venture to my late mother , Rose Jackson, thus the name, ďThe Rose Collection 1"


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